01. Be careful you don't touch the [exhaust] pipe when you get on the motorcycle; it is really hot.
02. The young boys were totally [exhausted] after playing road hockey all afternoon.
03. The runner collapsed with [exhaustion] after completing his first marathon.
04. The smell from the [exhaust] pipe is coming in the car; roll up the windows.
05. A dog had fallen into the icy water, and [exhausted] itself trying to climb onto an icy rock.
06. After 3 days lost in the bush, the hikers had completely [exhausted] their food supplies.
07. The teacher collapsed in [exhaustion] after an evening of correcting homework assignments.
08. He did an [exhaustive] study into the effects of pollution on the local butterfly population.
09. The air was dirty with the [exhaust] fumes of thousands of cars.
10. There is a Vietnamese proverb which states that when life is [exhausted], death comes.
11. Abba Eban once suggested that history teaches us that men and nations behave wisely when they have [exhausted] all other alternatives.
12. As they [exhaust] all their fuel, all stars eventually face collapse.
13. Strengthening your muscles enables you to do more work, and to work longer before you become [exhausted].
14. Automobile [exhaust] is a major source of air pollution.
15. Over time, most of Romania's energy resources have been [exhausted], so the country has to import most of its fuel.
16. Researchers say that the risk of death from lung cancer increases with exposure to car [exhaust] fumes and smog.
17. Millions of workers died of starvation, disease, and [exhaustion] during the building of the Great Wall of China.
18. Someone once joked that a vacation is a two-week experience where money and time race each other until both are [exhausted].
19. By the 1530s, the gold mines of Puerto Rico were completely [exhausted], and the Spanish settlers began to leave the island.
20. Earl Wilson once joked that an [exhaustive] study of police records shows that no woman has ever shot her husband while he was doing the dishes.
21. She was completely [exhausted] after working all day and then coming home to clean house, make supper and spend time with her children.

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  • exhaust — (v.) 1530s, to draw off or out, to use up completely, from L. exhaustus, pp. of exhaurire draw off, take away, use up, from ex off (see EX (Cf. ex )) + haurire to draw up (as water), from PIE *aus to draw water. Of resources, etc., from 1630s.… …   Etymology dictionary

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